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https index.php eid-photo-essay-winners

Sep. 22, 2018 - shoot snap circuit (PSA 2018-271) (India) 3 judgings, 1 section: Open; Jul. Please - no substitutions once you have uploaded an image. 13, 2018 - blank canvas (PSA 2018-372) (India) 3 sections: Open, Child, Light; ub Sep. Member Login, renew Membership, see our video on PSA, below. 25, 2018 - oman 2 ND international photo circle (PSA 2018-136) (Oman) 2 sections: Open, Sea; t Sept 27, 2018 - fotowinner circuit (PSA 2018-401) (India) 3 judgings, 1 section: Open; Sep.

PSA-member Clubs receive a printed copy of the journal with their membership. 7, 2018 - VDR circuit (PSA 2018-365) (China) 3 judgings, 1 sections, Open; m Sep. Information: Host Club Responsibilities provides judging information. 2018, jul 1, 2018, shadow hunter circuit (PSA 2018-249) (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 3 judgings 1 Section: Open; m jul.

NEW: The upload link for galleries is now available through the Members Only (My PSA) link after login. 10, 2018 german open circuit (PSA 2018-207) (Germany) 4 Judgings 1 section: Open; / Sep. This index is an invaluable reference when writing an article for the, pSA Journal or when preparing a photography-related program. 31, 2018 vancouver festival (PSA 2018-264) (Canada) 1 Section; Open, Sep. 31, 2018 - asia AB RP photo circuit (2018-469) (Hong Kong) 1 section, Open; m/ Dec. Each month PSA members have the opportunity to read feature articles in the full-color. All are online entries and accept paypal unless otherwise indicated. 18, 2018 - imagemaker circuit (PSA 2018-478) (India) 3 judgings, 1 section: Open; www. Org July 31, 2018 - focus ON earth (PSA 2018-291) (India) 1 section: Open; July 31, 2018 - image super circuit (PSA 2018-306) (India) 3 judgings, 1 section: Open; July 31, 2018 - india photo circuit (PSA 2018-285) (India) 3 judgings, 1 section: Open;. 14, 2018 - IUP north canton branch photo exhibition (PSA 2018-477) (China) 1 section, Open; m/salons/7/ Nov. The copyright of individual, pSA Journal material is considered the property of the author, who has the discretionary right to reproduce and distribute his/her own material unless he/she has otherwise agreed in writing.

https index.php eid-photo-essay-winners

Each PSA member is invited to submit up to one image per day, using the.
ES: The following images represented each day of February, 2018.
About / Info: The PID Interclub Competition is open to all PSA-member clubs.

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