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Desert reclamation essays

desert reclamation essays

area. If salt water is used, patriotic writing paper black and white desalination or salt-tolerant plants are needed. The precipitate land resource available now in India is less than.4 hectares, in comparison to more than.9 hector in China. The loss of fertility followed erosion also leads to the transformation of marginal forest lands into wastelands.

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Sahara used to be a thesis should be revised brainly a fertile area in which elephants, giraffes and other animals grazed. All this has led to the utilization of agricultural land for housing construction, industries etc. Land is a precious resource, since it is put to diverse use by man. Few agricultural lands should not be sacrificed for non-agricultural purposes, such as road building, development of industries or construction of water reservoirs. Although it is very hot during the day, it does become cold at night. Urban areas should not be developed on agriculture lands. Waste lands are broadly categorized under two groups: barren and uncultivable waste land cultivable wasteland. They have low rainfall, hot desiccating high speed winds, very high evaporation rates, and high temperatures. About 44 of our land is used for agriculture, 23 is covered with forests, and 4 is used pastures and grazing fields, 8 for housing, agro forestry, industrial areas, and roads arid. On average, it only has 8 inches of rainfall per year.

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