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Walt whitman i sing the body electric essay

walt whitman i sing the body electric essay

related poems poem, about this Poem "Im almost sheepish to admit that I first heard of 'I Sing the Body Electric' as a song (by title only) from the 1980s movie 'Fame which. At the end, he concludes that these features are not only markers of the human body, but that the body's "parts and poems" also represent the soul. The body becomes sacred through its linkage with the soul; while it is only the souls helper or accomplice, it nevertheless does not deserve second-rate status, for it enables not only spirituality but also poetry. And if the body were not the soul, what is the soul? There swells and jets a heart, there all passions, desires, reachings, aspirations, (Do you think they are not there because they are not express'd in parlors and lecture-rooms?) This is not only one man, this the father of those who shall be fathers in their. He points out that no one can know what these bodies will eventually be capable of creating (especially since children of slaves automatically became slaves as well). In America, the the mid-to-late 1800s were marked by the Civil War and subsequent battle over slavery. He starts by clarifying that he is writing about both the male body and the female body. Whitman then proceeds to celebrate several different types of bodies such as those belonging to babies, girls, mothers, swimmers, rowers, horsemen, and laborers.

walt whitman i sing the body electric essay

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(Who might you find you have come from yourself, if you could trace back through the centuries?) 8 A womans body at auction, She too is not essay teaching the hearing impair only herself, she is the teeming mother of mothers, She is the bearer of them that shall grow. Though this poem could have been just as effective without the numbered, separate verses, the division highlights the specific intent of each verse despite their all being part of the same poem - just like the unique parts of the body comprise a unified whole. In the third section, Whitman narrows his focus. For they do not conceal themselves, and cannot conceal themselves. Ultimately, Whitman makes the point that the body and the soul are inextricably intertwined and therefore, devaluing or mistreating the body is also a crime against the soul. 3, i knew a man, a common farmer, the father of five sons, And in them the fathers of sons, and in them the fathers of sons. Gentlemen look on this wonder, Whatever the bids of the bidders they cannot be high enough for it, For it the globe lay preparing quintillions of years without one animal or plant, For it the revolving cycles truly and steadily rolld. Do you not see that these are exactly the same to all in all nations and times all over the earth? Have you seen the fool that corrupted his own live body? Examine these limbs, red, black, or white, they are cunning in tendon and nerve, They shall be stript that you may see them. However, he uses his description of these slaves as a way to condemn the practice of slavery, underlining his belief that all bodies are equally sacred; they all have "the same red-running blood" running through their veins. In the short fourth section, Whitman remarks that there is nothing more wonderful than to be surrounded by beautiful human bodies; it "pleases the soul." In the fifth and sixth sections, he describes the female body and the male body, respectively.

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