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Essay on environmental concern

essay on environmental concern

that affects many water bodies. The year 1970 brought the Clean Air Act. Climate change is a significant and lasting change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns over periods ranging from decades to millions of years. In turn, it required the EPA to develop and enforce regulations to protect the general public from exposure to airborne contaminants. However, this problem is still a controversial one among many environmentalists around the world. Enhanced greenhouse effect is an increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that results in more heat being retained and an overall warming of the Earths temperature. Halons are used historically as fire suppression agents and fire fighting, but now only allowed in very limited situations. Those are just a few of the many issues that affect all of us on a global level. 1, the carbon dioxide equivalent of greenhouse gases (GHG) in the atmosphere has already exceeded 400 parts per million (noaa) (with total "long-term" GHG exceeding 455 parts per million) (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report).

These disasters take a heavier human toll and come with a higher price tag. Al Gore's 2006 film An Inconvenient Truth gained commercial success and a high media profile. 9 10 For humans to live sustainably, the Earth's natural resources must be used at a rate at which they can be replenished (and by limiting global warming ). Air pollution problems would increase, placing children and elderly people suffering from respiratory problems. Burning fossil fuels coal, oil and natural gas releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Ozone depleting-substances include chlorofluorocarbons, halons, carbon tetrachloride, methyl bromide, hydrobromofluorocarbons, and Bromochloromethane. The number of people affected and the damages inflicted by extreme weather has been unprecedented." 2, further, ocha has stated: Climate disasters are on the rise.

essay on environmental concern

Free Essay: introduction As a global environmental issue of concern, controversies have been presented for and against global warming.
Environment refers to everything that surrounds and influences an organism.
Our en vironment is getting worse day by day, and we are suffering for other people.

It provides indispensible necessities to humans, animal life and plant life, such as water, food, shelter, and air resources. Others, like spreading weeds, will be less serious. Global Environmental Policy: Concepts, Principles, and Practice. I think, if ozone depletion would still continue, the rate of skin cancers, cataracts, genetic changes and inability of human systems to respond to infection, will increase because, much UV rays can now enter the earth. This is a type of greenhouse effect. Meanwhile, human everyday actions and decisions are negatively impacting the environment, causing pollution, deforestation, overfishing.

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